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Meet the Instructors






Welcome! My name is Kelsey. My

family and I own, manage, and teach at

the Meadow Ranch! Here's a little

background about me!

Animals have been a huge source of passion

and joy in my life for as long as I can

remember. As a result I have been

raising dogs, horses and a plethora of other

animals for more than 20 years! Of those, in

the last 18+ years I have spent countless

hours dedicated to developing my training

technique and have had the privilege of

competing at high levels in both agility and obedience. This experience has allowed me to work with a great variety of dogs and people, helping them connect as teams and excel in their chosen paths. My desire in this training program is to show dog handlers how to achieve their personal goals with their canine pals while having a blast doing it! I'm excited to use my expertise to teach how amazing our 4-legged companions can be!

My current dogs in training are two a young Border Collies, Flynt + Rip, who are in learning to work and compete in herding, agility, obedience, flyball, disc and dock dog sports, as well as become amazing family dogs! We also have several other dogs on our ranch as pets and working dogs. See our pack for more details on each of our dogs’ accomplishments and the dogs we’ve raised in the past!

It has been a dream to find a place where we can raise our kids alongside a variety of animals with space to roam! Beside our dogs, we have horses, sheep, goats, and chickens rounding out our crew on the ranch. My husband, Abe, and two daughters are my biggest help and support here at the Meadow. Without my family, this ranch would not be the place that it is! Our family relishes time outdoors; whether riding horses, hiking, training dogs, watching the chickens, camping, or wading in the creek, we like to keep busy around here. We also love volleyball, frisbee, softball and honestly, any sport that gets us moving and gives us a competitive outlet!

Kelsey Lawson - Owner/Trainer

Kyra Stewart - Trainer


Hey, I'm Kyra! From childhood my

enchantment with dogs and their

behaviors has set the stage for my

journey of training and handling dogs.

My dog Kip, a Border Collie, ignited a

spark within me to pursue a deeper

level of dog training and to learn how to

foster a partnership between dog and

handler where clarity exists. Today we

compete sheepdog trials and agility. In

addition, having him to help with sheep work on the farm has been such a relief. My approach to working with dogs is guided by a deep-rooted belief that every dog is an individual with their own personality, learning style, and needs. I am driven by an insatiable curiosity to unravel the mysteries of their behavior, to decipher the unique code that unlocks their potential. Because of this I am dedicated to finding training that works best for each dog, tailoring my methods to suit their needs. But my journey as a trainer and handler is far from over, I am humbly aware that newer knowledge is ever-evolving and expanding. I eagerly seek opportunities to learn from others, each experience presents an opportunity for growth and discovery.


the Meadow

Tucked back in the foothills of the Appalachians, the Meadow is a beautiful 38 acre ranch of rolling land, home to our family, dogs, horses, chickens, and goats. The facility boasts a large outdoor sand arena, round pen, acres of fenced pastures, hay fields, and several barns for the animals to call home.

Our dog training program offers a full spectrum of regulation agility equipment for use in classes, trials, and seminars as well as private sessions. See below for details and photos of our facility and equipment.

Facilities + Equipment


Dog Training

the Crew

Young Farmer with Flock of Chickens
Our dogs are available for
Agility, Herding, + Training Demonstrations!
For more information, bookings, and requests Contact Us!   |   630.639.9336

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