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The Meadow Ranch is a family operated dog training center and ranch in Marshall, NC. Just 30 minutes from downtown Asheville, we offer herding, agility, and obedience for adult dogs, and puppy training classes for young dogs. Our goal at the Meadow is to have enjoyable partnerships between people and animals at the core of everything we do. Please contact us with any inquiries, we would love to have you out soon!

5910 Walnut Creek Road Marshall, NC 28753   |   630.639.9336   |


Find out more about our dog training philosophy and see where you and your canine partner fit into our program!


Learn more about our ABCA  border collies, LGD's, and other dogs that call our ranch home.


Browse the other services we offer such as farm classes, fresh eggs, horseback riding lessons, + occasionally ranch horses for sale!

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I’ve been taking private agility lessons for my advanced dog and puppy class for my now 18 week-old Airedale from Kelsey for about a month. I'm an advanced handler who has earned six Master Agility Champion titles with my dogs, so I need an instructor who pays attention to detail. The things I appreciate the most about Kelsey as an instructor are her keen eye and her ability to problem-solve. Through private lessons, Kelsey has been able to greatly improve the timing of my of physical and verbal cues so that my very fast dog knocks fewer bars because she receives information when she needs it. In puppy class, Kelsey presents lessons in fun and creative ways that keep my young dog's interest. I highly recommend Kelsey's classes and private lessons!

Christie Williams

Mars Hill, NC

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