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Our Pack

Our dogs are a part of our family as well as essential to the work on our ranch. Our border collies help us work stock here in addition to competing in herding, agility, obedience, and other sport dog events. And our LGD makes sure everyone here is kept safe, and is the best bundle of fluff to pet! See below to learn more about the individual dogs on our ranch.



Border Collie

At 2 years old, we are just scratching the surface with this talented girl! Flynt has excellent drive for anything you ask her to do. Her favorites being herding and agility respectively! Cannot wait to see where this journey takes us!

More about Flynt >> Coming soon


Border Collie

As a very high drive and intense dog, Rip has an exciting and busy future planned for him as a multi-sport competition and herding dog! Be on the look out for updates on his training progress!

More about Rip >> Coming soon


Tibetan Mastiff /Sarplaninac

Joiner is our young LGD/Property Guard dog in training. He is the best boy with his family, but already not to be messed with if he doesn't think you belong. He is a highly impressive protector at a very young age. 

More about Joiner >> Coming soon


Great Pyrenees

We rescued Sven in November of 2020 and he has been such a sweet addition to our family. The best boy with our girls, who love to use him as a jungle gym. But his primary job is protecting our ranch and everyone on it.

More about Sven >> Coming soon


Great Dane

Eno was our forever puppy. Whatever life  had to bring he had the enthusiasm of a dog half his age going into everything. Our young daughter could crawl all over him and take him for walks, and if he was with her he was so happy! Sadly, we lost him quite quickly in March 2021 year to bone cancer.

More about Eno >> Coming soon


Border Collie

Halo was our been there, done that girl. She took on everything  from agility to ranch chores, hiking + swimming and loved every minute of it! If there was something I needed, she would read my mind and get it done.

More about Halo >> Coming soon
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