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Dog Training

With a love for dogs and a desire for them to enjoy working with us, here at the Meadow we teach people how to connect with their dog and create a dynamic partnership. We help our dogs learn problem solving and build their confidence in understanding us by using shaping, positive reinforcement, and redirection as primary methods to communicate with them. Our classes are fun for you and your dog while teaching valuable training skills that will impact your relationship with your dog for life!

Our Programs


A fast paced competitive obstacle course for dogs helping them develop into confident athletes ready to take on anything!

We offer agility classes to all levels of handlers. Whether you want exercise and fun for your dog or you're a high level competitor, we have a spot for you! Click below for an in depth description of our classes.


Dogs love to please! Obedience is a perfect way to show them what we want and how they can work better with us.

All dogs are capable of being great companions. Our obedience courses teach you how to work with your dog to help them become the best they can be! Click to see the basic companion dog and competition level classes offered!


Not many things in life are cuter than a puppy; until your favorite shoes are chewed up! Let's keep the puppies cute, and the shoes nice!

A good foundation is the key to success in anything you do. Starting a puppy off right is no different! From advice on picking your puppy to basic manners after you bring them home; click and find out how we can help you raise them right!

Disc Dog, Flyball, + Dock Diving

Other sport dog options we will add to the Meadow's roster down the road. Click to be added to the wait list.

With enough interest we will be adding these exciting sport dog classes in the future! Please contact us if you'd like to be added to a wait list and indicate which sport you're interested in.

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