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ABCA + AKC registered

1.31.21 | Border Collie


B+W w/ticking

Medium coat

Genetics tested Clear - IGS Carrier (via Optimal Selection)

About Flynt

This little girl has been a lovely addition to our family and quickly become my go-to dog for getting all farm chores done. Mature from a young age, she takes all her jobs seriously, whether that's moving livestock or going full blast on an agility course! Her work ethic is like no other dog I've owned before, her highest reward is getting to do the activities she loves. She is fantastic with people and loves everyone, especially children! With dogs she takes some time initially to warm up to new friends, but once she knows them, she melts and loves so much to see her pup friends and is a great playmate!

In agility her top priority is speed! She has a lovely jumping style, and has been a pleasure to train running contacts. While her style is lovely, she often opts for speed over that style and keeping bars up is something she is learning to value. She is highly motivated by toys and will try her heart out! She just started her agility trial career in the summer of '22 and is learning how to deal with the amped atmosphere while running in a fast paced competition. I'm excited for the day we click as a team!

Herding is Flynt's number one favorite activity! She has a natural square flank and is a great first working dog for a novice handler. Before her first birthday she competed in her (and her handler's) first ever stock dog trial at the Novice-Novice level and earned a first place, after just two months of training at our ranch! This past year has brought us to many trials around the southeastern US, winning multiple events, getting High in Trial, and earning Overall Novice-Novice Winner at the Bluegrass Classic! She is consist and biddable, and her handler is trying hard to keep up with her talent. Her weakness can be her eye, as she tends to get sticky if we don't practice fluidity, but she takes correction well and wants to be right. Moving up in levels has gone well. She is consistently placing in the Top 5 of Pro-Novice and Nursery classes. Our goal for the year is to bump up those placements and earn a spot in the 2023 Nursery Sheepdog Finals!





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