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[S7E2] My Hard Labor

This is going to seem a strange thing to write in a review but I cannot put my finger on why it is not one of my favourites. The acting from all those in the episode is very good especially Harriet Walters, Keith Allen and Richard Griffiths. In fact Allen should be commended for not playing John Peter Barrie as an overwrought psychotic. Allen has menace but there is an undercurrent of charm and guile in his portrayal. No, there is nothing wrong with the acting.

[S7E2] My Hard Labor


Thank you Chris for very kindly replying, so quickly. I look forward to reading your next episode review, in the Endeavour series, when you can find the time. They do say keeping busy helps, but given all what you have recently been through, try not to push yourself too hard. Thank you, and all the best.

Listen to me, what I am doing, giving you more jobs to do, when I had previously suggested, for you not to push yourself too hard, after what you have recently been through. Sorry, my enthusiasm for the Morse universe is getting the better of me, and I was starting to wax lyrical. Anyway, that is enough from me, for now. Thank you, and all the best.

We think about OK, what, beyond that, does it really mean for the university? There are five collaborative classrooms in this building, where the students sit in groups of approximately six, where they could take and work collaboratively together on projects under the guidance of the faculty member.

Dana: Certainly, engineering is based on math. Math to an engineer is a tool. When I think back to my time, in the early 1980s working as an engineer, most days, the hardest math I did, I learned in ninth grade. I needed to find X. It was on the wrong side of the equal sign. I needed to rearrange things a little bit.

After a hard day of work, Dr. Cox has the burden to tell his son Jack a good night story, so he disguises his hard day as a fairy tale about the little village Sacred Heartlia with Carla and Turk as the two-headed witch Turla, Elliot as the princess and J.D. as the village idiot.Other people featuring are the Janitor as the giant, Keith as the prince, Dr. Kelso as the dark lord Oslek, Ted as his hunchback and of course Dr. Cox as the brave knight.

Kim goes into labor, and J.D. struggles to decide if he should tell her what he really thinks of their relationship. Turk, desperate to do something not baby-related, races to beat a video game before Carla discovers him. And Dr. Cox searches for someone he trusts enough to give his daughter a shot.

J.D.'s teenage burn patient gives him a hard decision to make when he wants to go to his high school graduation. Turk doesn't want Carla to find out that he secretly learned Spanish. And to address Dr. Kelso's weight gain, Dr. Cox makes a game out of stealing his breakfast.

He berates J.D. from their first meeting[17] and emphatically denies being his mentor, despite J.D.'s repeated attempts to win his favor. Nonetheless, Cox has shown concern for J.D.'s welfare, such as telling him not to blame himself for a patient's death[11] and (reluctantly) comforting him when his father dies.[18] He also tells J.D. that he trusts him as a doctor and a person and has taken an interest in him from the start because he seems "to actually give a crap".[19] Cox also recommends him as a promising, skilled, and hard-working doctor to a review board.[20] In "My Finale", Cox finally admits that he considers J.D. a talented doctor, a good person, and a friend, although he has to be tricked into it. He refuses to say this directly to J.D. or to hug him. A flash-forward scene at the end of the episode suggests that Cox will be a part of J.D.'s life well into the future (reluctantly, of course).[21]

Cox's father was an abusive alcoholic, and he later says that his mother did nothing to stop him when he "drunkenly knocked us from room to room". At the end of one episode, he admits to his sister that seeing her reminds him of the childhood he has tried so hard to forget.[24]

Cox is best friends with Jordan's brother, Ben (Brendan Fraser), and is hit hard when he is diagnosed with leukemia; he is initially too afraid to treat him because he fears he will lose him. He rallies, however, and helps Ben go into remission.[31][32] Ben dies in the episode "My Screw Up", but Cox convinces himself that he is still alive. When he finally admits that Ben is dead, he is devastated, and uncharacteristically allows people to comfort him at the funeral.[33]

Meanwhile, back at the agency, old habits die hard as Cheryl, Pam, and Ray slip back into general malaise. Malory encourages Cyril to reinvent himself from the uptight, control freak he was in New York to someone better, and insists the others get to work and make contact with Archer and Lana, who are overdue with their report. Against their best judgment, they call Archer's phone.

Archer's ringtone sounds from inside the limousine trunk, alerting the bandits to his presence. What follows is a very drawn out and graphic-sounding fight between Archer and the bikers, which the agents mistake for the latest and most elaborate of Archer's voicemail pranks. Having dealt with all but two of the bandits, Archer finds Lana and Shapiro handcuffed to a pipe in the kitchen. Shapiro reveals several things: that he didn't bring the money because neither he nor Deane could afford it, that he knew the detectives used to be spies, and that he's in love with Veronica Deane. Archer lets slip that they were the ones that stole the disk in the first place (and poisoned the dogs).

Back at Bobby's, Sam is resting, and hears Lucifer trying to wake him and Dean calling him Sammy, then Dean reaches out to wake him. Sam jerks awake, and Dean comments on how sleeping 12 hours is well rested, and hands Sam a water bottle and protein bar. Dean checks Sam's injured hand and deems it OK. As Dean is checking Sam's hand, Lucifer mocks him. Bobby walks in soon, and helps treat Sam's hand, and mentions there is no signs of Leviathans yet, but they will reveal themselves soon. Dean angrily asks why Sam was lying to him about being okay. Sam admits he's not okay, and that he's seeing between the cracks. Dean is confused by this, and Sam tells Dean he's having a hard time figuring out what's real and what's not. Sam insists that he didn't tell Dean because they had enough going on at the moment, and he was going to try and ride it out.

Now, this is a gift because, of course, who doesn't love organic growth, but is also partially a curse since it actually makes it hard for us to repeat. We have a favor to ask today to pick your favorite episode and share it with a friend or on social media to help our little experiment of seeing if we can move the needle just by asking.

Kevin: Just briefly on TAM. With Xoom and remittance business, it's very simple to calculate TAM. Every central bank in every country recorded remittances come in. We could go into Sequoia and just say it's a massive market and we'll take a couple of percentages of that, and look, we have a multibillion-dollar business opportunity as our total addressable market, but that was so hard.

That was very hard for Airbnb in the early days of how large is the creation of this market that Ben described here. I always struggled to try to go through TAM. At some point, when we did have some money, we tried to find consultants to help us and it just was impossible to try to peg down every one of these categories and this creationist notion.

Julia: I think it would have been harder if we were private. I think that being a public company, having consistency in reporting, and having some really dedicated long-term shareholders, as well as new interested investors, gave us the opportunity to really play offense, as you say. We ended up raising $375 million in total.

To the end, Merle Travis was humble about those accomplishments, and his daughters Merlene and Cindy believed that was due to his own experiences growing up in a culture of hard work. His success and legacy came due to that hard work, along with an incredible amount of talent and a creative spirit. 041b061a72


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