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the Meadow Ranch FAST CAT Outing!

Join us this coming Friday to watch a quick and fun dog sport called Fast CAT! This is an all out 100-yard dash for dogs of any breed chasing a lure for the quickest finish and to earn points towards titles in the event! One of the few events in dog sports where the only training required is a dog's natural instinct.

Event starts at FRIDAY, August 27th at 8am.

We will aim to meet there between 8-9am.

Hosted by Western Carolina Dog Fanciers Association + Time to Fly Performance Dog Sports, llc.

See below for the event premium for all the information on classes and how to REGISTER YOUR OWN DOG if you're interested and eligible!

Please let us know if you plan to attend! Email with the FAST CAT as the subject!

Lake Logan Convention Center

25 Wormy Chestnut Lane

Canton, NC 28716

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