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Sheep herding is a fantastic job for working dogs. Giving a dog an outlet for their natural instincts is helpful for building your relationship with your dog as well as giving them an outlet for behaviors that may be less desirable in other situations. We now offer private herding lessons for herding breed dogs!


What is herding?

At its most basic level, herding is controlling the motion of stock. In these lessons you and your dog will learn how to appropriately move stock while maintaining connection between the two of you and taking care of the stock. Herding is a team sport and your dog must include you in the picture!

Lessons will teach an in motion stop (lie down),  outrun, lift, and fetch (gathering the sheep to the handler), balanced and off balanced flanks ('away to me' + 'come bye'), driving ('walk up'), and shedding (splitting the flock of sheep).

Lessons at the Meadow Ranch are intended to be an enjoyable recreational activity for you and your dog; or very beginner training for those who may be interested in herding competitions later on. 






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