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Want a puppy but don't know where to start looking for a breeder or rescue for your chosen breed? Or have your breeder or rescue picked out but don't know which puppy will fit best with your family? That's what we're here for! With years of experience finding good dogs and picking the best matches for puppies to families, we help you get off to the right start for finding your next lifelong friend!


  • reasearching breeders and/or rescues
  • consultations for questions to ask
  • temperament testing (optional in person for additional fee)


Duration of consultation is 1 hour for initial consult, with a follow up of 30 minutes to answer any new questions.

Puppy Picking Consultation

  • Non-Liability Clause

    - Research and temperament testing are useful tools when picking a puppy. The Meadow Ranch and it's representatives are not responsible for any decisions made based on advice given, nor for how any dog behaves for the duration of it's life as a result.

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