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Robbery Bob: The Ultimate Stealth Adventure Game

Along with this, players are able to purchase upgrades in Bob the Robber To Go with the coins they earn in the game. These upgrades will help players improve their sleuthing skills and come out victorious!

robbery bob game

Bob the Robber came out sometime in early 2010. While it is by no means the earliest game on our website, Bob the Robber has slowly but surely solidified itself as one of the classic games on the Coolmath Games website.

Bob the Robber is somewhere between a platformer game and a logic game. Players will have to make their way across the map in order to retrieve an item and move on to the next stage, a classic trope of platformer games.

The developer of this game requires that we show video ads during gameplay, even for our premium subscribers. We have blocked the rest of the ads on this page, and you will still have all ads removed on most of our pages.

Let's start with the first game. RB1 is a top down stealth puzzle game where you play as the titular Bob. The story has Bob getting into trouble and needing to help out a figure by breaking into houses and stealing a particular item and then escaping. Bob's basic controls are that you can slowly sneak by moving the left virtual stick, run by holding a Run button while moving which makes sound which nearby NPCs can hear and is limited by Bob's stamina. You also have buttons for any contextual actions like boxes to hide in or items to use. One cool ability Bob has is a "fast forward" button which speeds up the game allowing you to speed up some tedious parts of stealth games like waiting for an enemy to pass which keeps the game flowing well.

The game also gets a lot of mileage out of its basic moveset. For example, if you run into a door, Bob slams it open which can attract guards from far away allowing you to lure away guards from their posts. Or if a pet dog sees Bob, they will instantly take a liking to Bob and slowly walk towards him which barking which can draw attention. Bob would need to close a door on the dog to break line of sight which can solve certain puzzles in levels such as getting pet Dogs to follow Bob and bark to attract guards away from their posts. Guard Dogs chase Bob on sight and will cause a mission fail if they catch him so the trick is to have them chase Bob until their leash is extended and then wrap around so their leash gets tied around furniture in a level so they get stuck. Some Levels can have teleporters and conveyors which you have to push a box onto and hide in as it moves past the visions of certain cameras and guards.

Bob doesn't have any normal ways of taking out enemies so the game encourages the player to try and ghost their way through levels which is a lot of fun. There are optional items in the game like a decoy mouse which can lure enemies away or a rotten doughnut that if an NPC sees, they will consume it and then immediately run for the nearest restroom. These can be bought with the money Bob earns from stealing items during levels or purchases via microtransactions. There's also a basic upgrade system that allows Bob to upgrade his reach, sneaking speed and stamina with coins that do help make later levels more manageable.

Being a free to play game, the game has implemented some monetization practices. For one, the game quite likes to bombard you with frequent ads. I mostly played this game when my phone had WiFi turned off as a result. The other is that you can buy items and costumes to help as stated earlier. But fortunately, I never found them to be necessary. There are some additional level packs you can buy if you want but I found the base game to be more than sufficient for me.

So yeah, that's Robbery Bob 1: Man of Steal. The game also has a free to play sequel on mobile called Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble. Sadly, there aren't 2 Bobs like the title would suggest. It feels like "More Robbery Bob content". Which isn't a bad thing.

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Aside from that, RB2 is quite the step up in challenge and variety from the first game. The optional challenges that were quite easy to get in the first game are now much tighter in the sequel. Even getting the "complete under x seconds" one requires full on speedrun strats at times. I found myself often being happy just getting 1 or 2 stars and moving on.

Though, the game makes getting 3 stars more important now. Later missions now require a certain number of stars collected to be unlocked. As opposed to the prior game where just completing the level was enough. In addition, some levels you get 3 stars in unlock a "secret" version that you can replay with a modifier attached like "once you get the main treasure, Bob leaves footprints behind and makes loud noises", "Bob occasionally sneezes or falls asleep" or "Bob needs to collect puppies instead of treasure". These levels only judge you on time to complete. So there's a lot more content and challenge for the player this time around.

The game also changes how upgrades are handled. Instead of purchasing flat upgrades, you now collect suits/costumes that give an individual perk and upgrade that instead. Personally, I kinda dislike this change. It makes Bob feel weaker and less capable because you can only upgrade one of his traits at a time. Plus, given how expensive the other suits are and how much harder the levels are, it makes the experience a lot less fun.

So yeah, that's the Robbery Bob games. They are also available on Steam and on Apple TV. I haven't played the Steam version but I have tried out the Apple TV version and found the text in that version to be scaled really small. As someone with rather poor eyesight, I wouldn't recommend that version.

Still, I'd recommend checking both games out. They are free and aren't too massive downloads. They are a really fun series of stealth puzzles. Just, make sure you have your WiFi switched off when you play them.

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Please read the Wikia Rulesbefore doing anything.Robbery Bob is an iOS and Android game. It is based around a amateur robber sneaking around guards while collecting loot in various locations. This wiki will cover anything and everything Robbery Bob!There are currently 131 pages in this wiki.

Important Consumer Information. This app: Requires acceptance of EA's Privacy & Cookie Policy, TOS and EULA. Includes in-game advertising. Collects data through third party ad serving and analytics technology (see Privacy & Cookie Policy for details). Contains direct links to the Internet and social networking sites intended for an audience over 13. Allows players to communicate via Facebook notifications and gifting. To disable see the settings in-game.

Loot items are objects that can be picked up in-game, awarding the player coins and filling the loot-bag meter. Loot items differ from the environment in the way that they give off a slight sparkle particle effect while normal objects do not.

Keys are found in certain rooms and are used to open locked doors. Unlike real-life keys, the in-game keys are universal, meaning that any key can be used to unlock any door. Keys can be considered as loot since they are obtained in the same way. An alternative to keys is the lock-pick which is available in the store for 150 coins.Unlike loots, it won't drop your disguise while picking up it. in Robbery Bob 2 they will drop your disguise


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