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Alexander Bailey
Alexander Bailey

"Arrow" Broken Hearts(2016)

Team Arrow discusses how quiet Hive has been lately, and Laurel suggests Felicity run for mayor, as Felicity lets it slip that she has broken up with Oliver. Oliver admits a naive hope to Diggle that the fact that Felicity wants to remain on the team means there is hope for their relationship.

"Arrow" Broken Hearts(2016)

As for this episode's Villain of the Week, Carrie Cutter, a.k.a. Cupid, returns to exact her particular brand of vengeance on couples who are deeply in love. Why has the previously love-obsessed archer turned against all things romantic? Turns out that she's heart-broken after the deaths of the original Arrow (as far as she knows) and of her follow-up boyfriend, Floyd Lawton (as far as we're led to believe). In order to lure Cupid out of hiding and into the open, Oliver and Felicity plan to stage a fake private wedding and wait for the villainess to show up.

CT imaging axial plane comparison of the adrenal glands on presentation (right) compared with 7 months prior (left). Enlargement of glands can be seen with associated periglandular stranding. The right gland (solid white arrow) is significantly enlarged, with less prominent enlargement of the left-sided gland (broken white arrow).

CT imaging coronal plane comparison of the adrenal glands on presentation (below) with 7 months prior (above). The loss of architecture of the right gland can be appreciated (solid white arrow) with more preservation of the enlarged left adrenal gland (broken white arrow). 041b061a72


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