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24 : Gilded Hero

Kirito defeated Sugou and saves Asuna. This is a typical scenario where the hero saves the damsel in distress from a monster. I hope I can play games like these again. This scene reminds me of Final Fantasy VIII.

24 : Gilded Hero


The player can level a hero up by clicking the "LVL UP" button next to the hero's name after hiring it. Shift+Click levels them by a max of 10, Z+Click levels up in increments of 25, Ctrl+Click levels them in increments of 100, and Q+Click levels up in the maximum increment actually purchasable with the player's current amount of Gold up to 10,000 levels. Pressing T will toggle between the levels. Leveling up a hero increases the amount of DPS it does. Leveling up a hero will also increase the cost of the next level up by almost 7% (the exact increase is 6.975%). This will result in a near doubling of cost for every 10 levels. The four Ace Scouts, added in patch 1.0e11, have a 22% increase in cost per level, resulting in over double the leveling cost every 5 levels.

To find the cost of levelling a hero in the future use: Floor(Floor(BaseCost 1.07CurrentLevel) CostReduction)e.g. To level Treebeast from level 114 to 115 it would cost Floor(50 1.07114) = 111,871. But with Dogcog at level 7 for a 6.69% hero cost reduction, it would be Floor(111,871 0.9331) = 104,386.

Each hero comes with a series of upgrades that become available when they're levelled up. These upgrades allow the player to multiply the hero's DPS, multiply the amount of Gold gained, increase DPS of all heroes, click damage, and obtain new skills. The hero Wepwawet does have 2 upgrades that each multiplies another hero's DPS, namely Betty Clicker & King Midas. Also, Cadu, Tomb Guardian and Ceus, Tomb Guardian have upgrades that improve each other.

Every hero except Cid, the Helpful Adventurer gets a 4 damage multiplier every 25 levels from level 200 upwards, and a 10x multiplier every 1000 levels until 8000. This makes the earlier heroes viable in the late game, but the cap means that later heroes will ultimately get the player further. However, the cost of the heroes is about 5x more expensive every 25 levels (1.0725=5.427), so they become about 35.7% less effective every 25 levels (past level 8,000), 21.15 times less effective every 250 levels, 200,160 times less effective every 1,000 levels, and 103,223,913,637,256,445,703,897,099,064,455,967,375,759,839,489,322,820(1e53) times less effective every 10,000 levels.

In patch 1.0e11, four new heroes were also added. These heroes have a cost increase of 22% per level rather than 7%, but instead of a 4 or 4.5 damage multiplier, these heroes have a huge 1000 damage multiplier every 25 levels.

Gilded Heroes receive a stackable +50% damage bonus each time they receive a gild. Gilding a hero will also change their appearance. A detailed view of the Gilded Heroes can be accessed by clicking on the "Gilded" button at the bottom of the Hero list. Argaiv increases the damage bonus from gilds. Despite having a gilded sprite, Cid, the Helpful Adventurer is the only hero that cannot be gilded by conventional means. If she could be gilded, or even just has a damage multiplier, she would be extremely powerful.

In the Shop, three random hero gilds can be purchased at any time for 30 Rubies. For mobile, the cost is 200 Rubies. The detailed view screen can also be accessed from here by clicking the "?" button. If gilds are bought using real money, these "Paid Gilds" are given back after Transcendence by a small number every time the player receives a normal gild every 10 zones. By level 300, all purchased gilds have been returned to the player. Note that buying gilds is one of the worst ways to spend rubies, as buying 3 random gilds in the shop are basically advancing 30 levels past a hundred, that are above your highest level in your current transcension(just don't buy gilds unless you have an insane amount of rubies and need some quick gild dmg bonuses).

Gilds can also be moved from hero to hero for Hero Souls in the detailed view.Clicking a gilded hero will remove one gild from that hero and randomly reassign it to another for two Hero Souls. Ctrl+Click will bypass the confirmation popup and instantly proceed to said transfer.Shift+Clicking on a hero will move a gild from a random hero to the one selected for 80 Hero Souls. There is no actual way to transfer a gild from a precise hero to another precise hero: at least one of the two must be randomly chosen.

Holding 'Q'+Clicking on a hero will move all gilds that a player currently has to the selected hero. The cost of doing this is equal to 80 Hero Souls times the amount of gilds currently owned that are not on the selected hero.

With Steam releases of the game, in the game's directory, the sprites of all heroes can be found. Along with the normal heroes, there are several unused sprites in the game. There is no known way as of yet to make them appear in-game. Note: All of the unused sprites have a gilded sprite file, but is exactly the same as the normal sprite. Also, when viewing the large hero sprites, all unused sprites still have files that show their name but contain Cid, the Helpful Adventurer's current sprite.

When he was 10, Sinclair's family moved to New York City where he went to school and college. While attending Columbia University, he began to sell stories to magazines. He specialized in western, adventure, sports, and war-hero fiction for working-class readers.

I write about TV shows like House Of The Dragon, The Witcher, The Rings Of Power, Stranger Things, Yellowjackets, Severance and many others. I also cover movies, video games, comic books and novels, largely in the fantasy, science-fiction, horror and superhero genres. Some of my favorite video games to play and write about include Dark Souls, Elden Ring, Call Of Duty, XCOM, Mass Effect, Titanfall, The Witcher and many other action, RPG and shooter games. My favorite films include Braveheart, Tropic Thunder, Arsenic and Old Lace, Schindler's List and far too many others to list here. I often discuss the \"pop culture wars\" and how shifting cultural values impact our art and entertainment. I prefer deep conversations and debate to shouting matches, and welcome readers from all walks of life and all religious and political backgrounds to join in this conversation. Thanks for reading! 041b061a72


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