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Alexander Bailey
Alexander Bailey

It Feels Like Magic (aka An Unexpected Event)Wi... !FREE!

Nico and Percy met in The Titan's Curse after rescuing him from Westover Hall and. Nico has the ability to annoy Percy Jackson quite easily when they first met by asking Percy several questions. Nico asked if Annabeth was his girlfriend, why he and Thalia fought so much, and other questions, which made Percy want to feed him to the wolves and or strangle him. But Percy felt horrible for Nico when Bianca abandoned him to join the Hunters of Artemis and thought it was selfish of her to abandon him like that. As Nico and Percy get to know each other, Percy feels bad for Nico after Bianca abandons him and tries to protect him while playing Capture the Flag, which made Percy realize he was acting like his mom. As for Nico, Percy reminded him of heroes from Mythomagic and pirates, and developed a crush on him. He thought he was a hero and could do no wrong. Nico cheered Percy on during Capture the flag. Before he left for the quest, Nico found him and asked if he was going on the quest. Percy wanted to lie to him, but looking in his eyes, he knew he couldn't say no, and told him the truth. Nico covered for Percy so he could go on the quest, but made him promise to protect her. Percy didn't want to make any promises, but Nico forced him to promise, and Percy promised to do his best. Nico wished him luck and ran off. Percy also convinced Nico not to go on the quest himself.

It Feels Like Magic (aka An Unexpected Event)Wi...



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