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Klonoa Door To Phantomile PSN

There are many examples where the game pushes the player to its limits but easily one of the biggest examples is the cusp of Vision 4. Klonoa and Huepow have failed to defend the Moon Pendant against Ghadius and Joka, chasing them to the skies of the Sun Kingdom, Coronia. A huge part of what makes Door to Phantomile an amazing game is its level design. Up until this point, most of the levels were simply "Point A to Point B," yet Vision 3-2 hinted at levels that require backtracking. There are areas closed off that Klonoa can only enter with a key, which means going off the beaten path to obtain them only to return, open the locked doors, and repeat the process.

Klonoa Door To Phantomile PSN

Vision 5-1 begins with the duo stopped by the residents of Coronia, saying that in order to continue through the locked door they must find four orbs. The level ends where it begins and the rest of the level includes two main paths that lead into two split paths, respectively referencing the four orbs. Up until this point, the player has been freeing the residents of each location trapped in bubbles. This "non-linear linear" level design doesn't break away from the "freeing prisoners" sub-goal of Klonoa. Instead, everything in this level flows to where it's impossible to get lost. 041b061a72


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