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Shone And Nam Crazy Little Thing Called Love Tagalog Version Full 14

Shone and Nam Crazy Little Thing Called Love Tagalog Version Full 14

Crazy Little Thing Called Love is a 2010 Thai romantic comedy film that tells the story of Nam, a shy and ordinary high school girl who has a crush on Shone, the most popular and handsome boy in school. The film follows Nam's journey of self-improvement and love as she tries to win Shone's heart with the help of her friends. The film was a huge success in Thailand and other Asian countries, becoming one of the highest-grossing Thai films of all time.

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The film was also dubbed in Tagalog and aired on ABS-CBN, a Philippine television network, in 2011. The Tagalog version of the film was well-received by Filipino audiences, who related to the story of young love and admired the chemistry between the lead actors, Mario Maurer and Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul. The Tagalog version of the film also featured some changes from the original version, such as adding Filipino songs and references to suit the local culture.

One of the most notable changes in the Tagalog version of the film was the addition of a 14th episode, which was not part of the original version. The 14th episode was a special feature that showed what happened to Shone and Nam after nine years, when they met again at their high school reunion. The 14th episode revealed that Shone and Nam had not seen each other since they confessed their feelings at the airport, and that they had both pursued their dreams in different countries. Shone became a famous photographer, while Nam became a fashion designer. The 14th episode also showed how Shone and Nam rekindled their romance and decided to stay together.

The 14th episode of the Tagalog version of Crazy Little Thing Called Love was a surprise for the fans of the film, who had been waiting for a sequel or an extended ending. The 14th episode gave them a satisfying closure to Shone and Nam's love story, and also hinted at a possible future for them. The 14th episode was also praised for its realistic portrayal of long-distance relationships and career choices, as well as its sweet and romantic scenes.

The Tagalog version of Crazy Little Thing Called Love, including the 14th episode, is available for free download and streaming on various online platforms, such as and Bilibili. The Tagalog version of the film is also available on DVD with English subtitles. The film is a must-watch for anyone who loves a heartwarming and hilarious story of first love.


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