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Nawab Shaji Ul Mulk, whose dedication and hard work have been instrumental in creating an impressive business empire across different portfolios and disciplines including the now globally famous T10 cricket tourney is now playing the role he loves best: that of a proud and doting father.

Cricket Affairs 1.mp4


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Fast forward 41 years, many flagons of ale, and tales of cricketing triumphs, failures, marvels, and misdemeanours, we find ourselves here. The date, Friday 10th September 2021. The occasion, Vagabonds CC Tour. Location, Llanrhian, St Davids, Pembrokeshire.

Before we go any further, let me take you back a couple of years to a time where the world seemed a happier place. Not so far back that we could dream of remaining in the EU but to a time when it was perfectly acceptable to plan a cricket tour that paid a fitting tribute to the clubs 40th anniversary without fear of Covid and restrictions on travel.

No better location could be considered than the place where myth and legends were born during Vagabond tours of yore and a return to Pembrokeshire to play Llanrhian CC. was agreed. The very first club the Vagabonds visited on their first ever cricketing tour.

One by one we all arrived. Each party welcoming the next and ensuring a fresh glass of ale was pressed deep into their hand. The ale and conversation flowed with the excitement and enthusiasm you would expect from a social team that has finally been released from their lockdown. At last, we could all enjoy the sorely missed freedoms of a cricket tour.

Waking up is tough at the best of times. Getting up is even tougher. It is its hardest when an overfull cheerful Northerner bursts into your room after a night on the ale. When not scurrying down mines or punching horses, the Vagabonds own Pet Northerner enjoys running. He claims it is for pleasure, but it is suspected that as he has a strange accent (and therefore presumably a member of the criminal underclasses) that his obsession with running is actually practice for escaping from the clutches of The Rozzers. Chris, for some oddly baffling reason had decided to drive over 200 miles to go for a run. He even decided he would rather run around a specific bit of park rather than go out with fellow cricketers the night before. This all showed one thing: Chris had disease of the mind and therefore must be punished. And punished he was, but more on that later.

One of the more senior Vagabond (The Honorable Member for somewhere or other) declared that there was to an awards ceremony. Whilst the majority if industry awards are quiet affairs, Jeggs and PC Waller took receipt of their national sports writing awards (YES, JEGGS AND WALLER ARE AWARD WINNIG SPORTS WRITTERS), the entirety of the Pembroke coast were aware that we were from Hampshire, and we were there to stay.

A quick trip back to base camp to pick up the cricketing utensils for some, a quick dip in the Irish sea for others, and soon the Mexican diplomatic convoy was on the move again, thankfully arriving at the ground without incident.

Rosco, a late call up for the injured Sammy, did not bring his whites to the ground, so sure was he that no cricket would be played that day and he would soon retire to the Shed to finish what he started on Friday. How wrong he was. It was a wet pitch but against the predictions of every weather app owned by the Vags, the clouds held their sodden cargo. A Hundred game was briefly suggested but that was a step too far from tradition and we met somewhere in the middle with a 20/20 game agreed.

And finally, we were home. An excellent tour we all decided. Will jackets be purchased for next time? Hopefully. Will nets be visited in the winter? Probably. Will cricket happen next year? Definitely.

Opening the bowling attack for the Vags was Tom Humphries and Max Hill, it was a good start both finding line, length and pace that belied the casual nature of play discussed at square leg. Tom found the stumps first despatching their opener for nought with 7 runs on the board and then a fine riposte from Max, caught by Skip, taking the other for 20 with a total of 34. Humphries then hit home and their third batsman, out for 6, still overall for 34. Max with all the hunger and vigour of his youth took another wicket, cleanly bowled their number 5 for 9 and the total lingered at 47; the Vags scented victory. It must be said that the number 5 (Nisar, we will hear more of him later) had a cricket shot which was no holds barred power and aggression, the ball became a lethal projectile after contact with his bat and had he not been taken for 9 it would almost certainly have reached 90.

A fine 52 run partnership between Dick and Triston commenced with some fine cricket to regale the spectators; balls were trimming the green canopy of surrounding trees as they were hit for 6 and boundaries galore before uncharacteristic misjudgement saw poor old Skipper out for 32 after 30 stifling minutes under the sun. Little Tommy Noakes then moved to keep Triston company but the determined expression he carried along with all of our collective expectation was only to come to a unexpected 3 after meekly hitting the ball for an easy catch, bad luck Tommy we all thought what rotten luck.

Fast bowler Shaheen Afridi is the latest Pakistan cricketer who has got himself in controversy. A Pakistan TikTok sensation, Hareem Shah shared a video call recording of Afridi in which he is masturbating while on the call.

It is a famous and dramatic cricketing rivalry between the two sides in the T20 International format, and excitement is building ahead of a match that will have huge implications towards the outcome of Group 2 of the Super 12 stage.

The ongoing PSL 2022 witnessed one of the best knocks of the season on Monday during Match 15 between Lahore Qalandars and Quetta Gladiators. The last few matches in Karachi had been high-scoring affairs and the ground staff produced another belter for this match. 041b061a72


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