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Dirk Jamaal
Dirk Jamaal

[S2E5] Everything Must Go (2019)

Older Jonas wakes up from a nightmare where it is the day of the apocalypse as the God Particle starts to form. Jonas promises Martha, now dead, that he will make everything right. He wakes up as the God Particle starts destroying everything. He gets up from his bed, and looks at a letter Martha wrote him, where she tells him he will make everything right. However, to do so, he must not lose hope that there is a way out of the maze and a way to save her and himself. However, sacrifices must be made to untie the knot. The apocalypse must take place, and she must die so that she can live. Jonas gets up and burns the letter. Jonas later takes the fresh letter written by Martha Nielsen, delivered by her adult self.

[S2E5] Everything Must Go (2019)

A father and son complete the excavation of the time travel tunnel inside the Winden Caves, where the passage will open thirty-two years from this day. They are working on behalf of Sic Mundus. Outside at their camp, the younger man, Hanno, asks the other if he no longer believes in the prophecy. His father, Bartosz, says he believes in the irony of fate. Hanno reminds him that Adam says they must bear the cross and make sure that everything repeats itself, so that in six days hell on Earth will end and paradise will begin. When Bartosz makes a joke about this idea, Hanno realizes that "Adam was right" and that his father has lost faith. Bartosz realizes then that the reason that Adam sent the two of them together that day was so that his son could kill him. Knowing that this would come one day, Bartosz sits down to meet his fate. He tells his son he hopes the day will come when he does not believe everything that Adam says. He tells him to ask Adam why he took him in and why he called him Noah.

Jonas has an introverted, quiet personality type. He seems to spend a lot of time alone, lying on his bed or the floor of his father's studio. He looks for clues about his father and why he might have killed himself. He develops PTSD following his death, which seems to happen without warning or explanation. While he did leave a note addressed to him, explaining why, this seems to have been taken by Ines and she opens it as directed on November 4 at 10.13 pm. His mother shows minimal interest in him, wanting only to be with Ulrich, his biological grandfather, which Jonas is aware of. He is curious about the concept of time travel seen in his future self (the stranger) and realized that he must destroy wormholes in order for everything to go back to normal. In the future he is much the same but more jaded and cynical unaware he is creating the wormhole. 041b061a72


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